What We Do

Close claims quickly and manage risk at all levels of your organization with Actec’s full-cycle claim and incident reporting solutions. Actec Intake Specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year to be there when incident occur and to handle after-hours incidents and overflow.

Our philosophy is that any and all customer requirements take absolute precedence. Because we use a proprietary FNOL intake solution in house, we have fewer constraints than a software/ASP vendor, and can implement customizations quickly, as needed rather than on a rigid schedule. We have in the past developed an entirely custom browser-based solution to intake claims for an oil company during a catastrophic event. Additional client- or customer-specific questions and instructional scripts can be set up, changed or deleted within minutes by the Account Manager.

The many built-in capabilities are primarily profile driven to easily manage the needs of our diverse customer base.
magnolia with borderCustomer set-up profiles provide flexibility in customizing workflows, including personalized greetings, lines of business, custom questions and report types, policy, carrier and claim office assignments, distributions, etc.

  • CTI hooks and call logging from start to finish
  • Complete FNOL activity tracking, with system timestamps for calls, notice entry, post-intake procedures, distribution and filing
  • Business edits and validation
  • FROI and state specific questions maintenance system
  • Catastrophic escalation identification and tracking
  • Robust distribution module