Near Shore Contact Center

Actec has an established near shore call center to lower the cost burden of telephonic claim intake.  We chose a near shore option because it enabled us to offer significant price savings while still providing a quality experience for your customers.

It’s important to note the many things that Actec does to insure a quality experience:

  • All agents are linguistically reviewed prior to hiring making sure the agent speaks quality English with little to no accent.
  • All calls are managed through a US based phone system and recordings are housed in the US. No data leaves US shores.
  • Dedicated quality teams ensure high standards of intake and provide a seamless customer experience.
  • We will never send a call to our near shore location without the express contractual approval of our customer.
  • All IT standards are stringent and meet or exceed most of today’s standards. Actec’s nearshore locations are PCI compliant and are utilized by many large US-based customers.
  • Scalability: We can meet your growth demand easily and affordably.

If you’re looking to decrease costs while keeping a quality call center experience, give Actec a call today.  We can provide a world class experience for your customers at a fraction of the cost you are paying today.

Contact Paul Neleman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing (770) 916-6847