Absence Reporting

Absence Reporting

Actec assists many clients from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies in managing their absence reporting. Absence types supported include casual absence, FML, and disability. Click here to learn more about absence reporting and learn how Actec’s solutions save customers significant dollars by reducing absenteeism and overtime. We go above and beyond, delivering not only the tactical and logistical tools and services necessary to track absences but also consulting and analytics to provide penetrating insight into weaknesses and opportunities in your system.

Absence Reporting Program
Our program is aimed at simplifying the leave process for both Human Resources and your employees, as well as reducing risk related to unreported or misreported regulated leaves.

Utilizing Actec will:

  • Promote consistent leave administration
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  • Track and quantify frequency and cost of absences
  • Improve and accelerate claim reviews and reporting
  • Ensure compliance with Federal and State laws
  • Increase productivity by reducing the number/length of absences

How it works
We set up a centralized calling number for reporting all absence types. Intake scripts are fully customizable for client needs and risk mitigation strategies.

  • Casual-(sickness, injury, tardy, family issues, etc.)
  • Disability
  • Family Medical leave
  • Military duty leave
  • Jury duty leave
  • Funeral/bereavement

We then customize a routing path to make sure all supervisors and HR personnel have the required information (delivery methodologies supported include email, text messaging/SMS, and phone calls). Control reports are fully customizable around any metric and are sent as frequently as needed. Actec has also developed a proprietary packet dissemination process and can fully manage back-end paperwork delivery for regulated leaves. All this reduces the time your team has to spend on absences from both an employee support standpoint and with regard to regulatory compliance.

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